By Light’s Tactical RoIP Inter-Communications System (TRICS) is a complete Radio over IP (RoIP) network solution that meets today’s converged IP network requirements in a single, compact chassis. A full-featured RoIP gateway, media server, and media management platform, TRICS supports voice convergence, data integration, and remote configuration from a single site to a total enterprise.

TRICS enables the integration and dissemination of radio traffic (voice and data) on IP networks, including standards-based interoperability with Voice over IP (VoIP). Our TRICS appliances provide complete RoIP services at a single, stand-alone location, as well as support a network interconnected to a full enterprise-wide RoIP service offering. Additionally, TRICS delivers network-based radio control, allowing authorized operators to set radio parameters from any IP attached workstation using the TRICS radio control software.

In partnership with Twisted Pair solutions, our systems fully support WAVE on all TRICS network appliances ensuring reliability and speed in its core communication capability. Our TRICS models are single-box and scalable, and designed to support 2, 4, or 8 radios in different chassis options.

Our TRICS appliances have multiple advantages over other RoIP packages, such as:

  • Physical:
    • Small Form Factor
    • Solid State Electronics
  • Interoperable
    • H.323 and SIP
    • Works with WAVE from Twisted Pair
    • Integrated Wave Engine
  • Flexible
    • Gateway or Server
    • Stand-Alone to Enterprise-Wide
  • Secure
    • Removable Flash Drive
    • Built in Firewall
  • Manage
    • SNMP v3
    • HTTPS