Our Acquisitions

Building the By Light Enterprise

In pursuit of our corporate mission to become a premier supplier of innovative, no-fail IT, full lifecycle, secure system development, integration, and Cyberspace Operations solutions, By Light acquired several key companies. These acquired companies have been integrated into the business to cultivate capabilities across the enterprise and streamline operations. Today, By Light and subsidiary Cole Engineering Services, Inc. (CESI) comprise a simplified legal and operational structure that provides clear accessibility to our customers.

Axom Technologies

Axom Technologies, Inc., was acquired in February 2018. Axom’s technical expertise in the area of IT services, along with their customer-base in DISA and DoD aligned with our growth strategy in these areas.

Phacil LLC

Phacil, LLC, was acquired in March 2019. Phacil’s technical expertise in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud and Managed Services offered new areas for business growth.

Metova Federal LLC

Metova Federal, LLC, was acquired in May 2019. Metova’s training expertise in Live-Virtual-Constructive training and exercises, instructor-led and distributed training support, coupled with their cyber range/simulator product line enhanced our growth in Cyberspace Operations.

Cole Engineering Services, Inc. (CESI)

Cole Engineering Services, Inc., was acquired in October 2019. Cole’s known expertise in the areas of Modeling & Simulation, Integration and Interoperability, and Serious Gaming and Virtual Worlds offered new growth areas to meet our business strategy.

Raydon Corporation

Raydon was acquired in November 2020. A trusted partner of CESI, Raydon is a full-service simulation platform company that designs, develops, and manufactures a complete mission reconfigurable platform, further enhancing By Light’s capabilities to advance warfighter proficiency with an extremely high transfer of skills from simulation to live engagement.

Veraxx Engineering Corporation

Veraxx Engineering Corporation was acquired in July 2022. Veraxx provides complex, high-fidelity aircraft modeling and simulation training technology solutions to the U.S. military through hardware, software, and multi-networked environments. Veraxx designs and develops realistic and immersive simulators that enable mission rehearsal exercises for multiple aircraft platforms for both pilots and crews across the DoD.

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