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By Light is redefining the pace of progress for defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies, creating the shortest distance from inspiration to innovation. We create digital solutions that help connect, protect, and prepare agencies, govtech customers, and warfighters for everything that comes next at a speed that’s ahead of next. We eliminate the long development, proprietary technology stovepipes, and last-gen pace of play that slows projects down.

With a singular focus on success—we create a continuously optimized process to eliminate gaps in performance. We work at the speed of can-do, utilizing Agile development practices, DevSecOps practices, and Digital Services Playbooks that enable customers to reach secure outcomes faster and continuously optimize technology to mission. At By Light, we connect ideas to outcomes, so our customers thrive where better meets faster.

Software Engineering and Services

Our approach to delivering products to governments and businesses in the digital era incorporates modern delivery technologies and methods that include human centered design, agile methodologies, DevSecOps automation, automated testing, with built-in monitoring. Our commitment to digital excellence ensures that clients not only stay competitive but also lead in delivering innovative, user-centric, and scalable solutions that meet the demands of what comes next .

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Human Centered Design

Embracing Human-Centered Design, our team prioritizes user needs and experiences at the core of our product development process. By engaging in empathetic research, iterative prototyping, and user testing, we craft solutions that seamlessly align with the end-users' preferences and expectations. This approach not only enhances user satisfaction but also drives innovation, resulting in products that truly resonate with and empower the individuals interacting with them.

Agile Development

Our commitment to Agile Development has transformed our project management approach, fostering adaptability and collaboration throughout the development lifecycle. By breaking down complex projects into iterative cycles, we enhance responsiveness to changing requirements and deliver high-quality software faster. The Agile methodology not only ensures customer satisfaction by prioritizing value-driven features but also promotes continuous improvement, allowing our team to swiftly respond to market dynamics and deliver cutting-edge solutions.


Incorporating DevSecOps practices into our development workflow revolutionized our approach to software delivery. By seamlessly integrating security into every phase of the development lifecycle, we not only accelerate the delivery of robust and reliable applications but also fortify our digital assets against potential threats. Automation of the product build, testing, and deployments increases the pace of delivery and quickens the feedback that drives innovation further. Our commitment to DevSecOps ensures a proactive and collaborative environment, empowering teams to build and release secure software without compromising speed or agility.

Software Operations & Maintenance

In the realm of Operations & Maintenance, our services are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime, ensuring your business operates at its peak performance. With a strategic focus on preventive maintenance, continuous monitoring, and swift issue resolution, our expert team guarantees the seamless functioning of your infrastructure. Partner with us to experience unparalleled reliability, allowing you to concentrate on strategic initiatives while we handle the intricacies of operational excellence.

Security Assessment

Our Security Assessments are a cornerstone in fortifying your digital infrastructure against evolving cyber threats. With a meticulous approach, we identify vulnerabilities, conduct thorough risk assessments, and implement tailored solutions to safeguard your critical assets. Trust us to not only protect your data but also provide the peace of mind that comes with a robust and proactive security strategy.

Support & Help Desk

Our Support and Help Desk services redefine customer satisfaction by offering seamless, round-the-clock assistance to ensure your business operations run smoothly. Our dedicated team of experts goes beyond traditional support, providing personalized solutions to address queries, troubleshoot issues, and optimize system performance. With our responsive and client-focused approach, we elevate the support experience, allowing you to focus on your core objectives while we handle the intricacies of technical assistance.

Digital representation of a futuristic digital services center with cloud computing infrastructure, highlighting By Light's Cloud & Managed Services.

Cloud & Managed Services

Revolutionizing the way businesses operate, our Cloud Services offer unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and efficiency. By seamlessly migrating and managing workloads in the cloud, we empower organizations to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure. From robust data storage and seamless collaboration to enhanced security measures, our cloud solutions redefine the possibilities, allowing businesses to scale effortlessly and stay at the forefront of technological advancement.

  • Application & Infrastructure Migration
  • Cloud Management & Monitoring
  • Rationalization/Integration Services
  • Cloud-Based Internet Isolation
IT professionals discussing leading-edge technology, demonstrating By Light's digital services capabilities.

Infrastructure & Data

By Light is your trusted partner in delivering cutting-edge IT infrastructure services.

  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Data Storage & Management
  • IT Infrastructure & Monitoring
  • Managed IT Services
  • Custom Software Development

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