Engaging, Realistic, Immersive Simulation

We apply our expertise in developing Modeling and Simulation (M&S) systems for the kinetic training, experimentation, and analysis communities to emerging cyber simulations and range platforms. We offer real-time cyber range integration with kinetic simulations through our MSSV next generation simulation framework. Additionally, our OpSim product enables modeling of integrated cyber and kinetic multi-domain operations in a modern, high-performance constructive simulation that includes these core features:

  • Fully automated forces with human in-the-loop operation and interventions
  • Intuitive, browser-based user interface supports visualization and control of forces
  • Terrain reasoning for maneuver and sensing using objective terrain format databases
  • Plans imported from SitaWare or from other military scenario definition language planning tools
  • Utilizes pedigreed modeling with user editable spreadsheet performance and characteristics data
  • Run simulation up to 1000x wall clock time
A view of the ocean from the cockpit of a military aircraft, with a warship visible on the horizon.

Simulation & Training

By Light engineers the Ultimate Warfighter Training Experience with next-generation simulation technology.

  • Serious Gaming
  • Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) Multi-Echelon Training
  • ISR Training Environments
  • Large-Scale SE&I
Military personnel operating high-fidelity reconfigurable collective trainers for training purposes.

Reconfigurable Collective Trainers

By Light engineers and manufactures a full line of reconfigurable collective trainers so warfighters thrive on ready.

  • Mission ReconfigurableTM
  • Virtual Recruiting Experiences
  • Ground, Air & Unmanned Platforms
Two military personnel operating advanced aircraft control systems in a high-fidelity reconfigurable collective trainer cockpit simulator.

Realistic Flight Simulation

By Light designs and develops realistic and immersive simulators that enable mission rehearsal exercises for multiple aircraft platforms for both pilots and aircrews across the DoD.

  • Cockpit Management Trainers
  • Aircrew Procedure Trainers
  • Weapons Systems Trainers
  • Full Flight Simulators
  • Mission Rehearsal Trainers
  • Networked Trainers

Ready Never Waits

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