Cole Engineering Services, Inc. (CESI), a By Light Company, proudly developed the Stinger Trainer to close a critical gap in military training. Our optical technology facilitates unprecedented live, collective, force-on-force exercises, elevating training capabilities to new heights.

The Stinger Trainer is already proving invaluable, significantly improving Soldiers’ proficiency as Stinger gunners and forcing air crews to rethink their tactics. This achievement underscores our commitment to advancing live training, ensuring our forces readiness is unmatched. 

The Synthetic Training Environment CFT recently highlighted the Stinger Training in the LinkedIn post reprinted below. Follow the STE and CESI accounts on LinkedIn for more updates on the program! 


Revolutionizing Live Training: The Stinger Solution Takes Center Stage at JRTC and Fort Johnson

Exciting developments are underway at the Synthetic Training Environment CFT. Soldiers at Fort Johnson recently participated in a groundbreaking operational demonstration showcasing the incredible capabilities of the Stinger solution within the Live Training Strategy (LTS) framework. “What is interesting about the Stinger solution is the fact that it completely gets away from a laser-based solution that we’ve depended on in the live environment for 30 years,” said STE CFT Director BG William Glaser. “The fact that it uses GPS bearing technologies as well as optical solutions and getting away from the lasers is really revolutionary in the training environment.” This operational demonstration was originally planned to focus on mortars, claymores, and grenades. However, due to the accelerated progress of the Stinger system, it found its way into the spotlight sooner than anticipated. “It also gives an opportunity for non-air defense artillery soldiers to train and use the system. I think the technology was there at the right time. It gave us an opportunity to get capability in the hands of the soldiers sooner. That’s what we’re all about,” Glaser said. This accelerated integration aligns with the Army Futures Command’s commitment to providing cutting-edge capabilities to our soldiers promptly. The success of this operational demonstration not only expands the training scope but sets the stage for a future where our soldiers are better equipped and more adaptable than ever.