By Light’s HD-VX module integrates Haivision’s Makito X HEVC video encoder and KLAS Telecom’s award winning Voyager 8 chassis center to deliver a modular, mobile, and flexible ISR solution. The HD-VX can operate in the Voyager chassis or in stand alone mode.

Makito X HVEC Key Features

HEVC + H.264 Makito X HEVC can reduce bandwidth requirements by 50%, while maintaining video quality when compared to H.264 encoders. The Makito X HEVC differs from competing HEVC encoders by combining the existing four engine H.264 architecture found in the Makito X while adding a dedicated HEVC encoding engine to the appliance.

KLV/STANAG Metadata for ISR Applications

Makito X HEVC encoder is ideal for full motion video (FMV) applications requiring STANAG and MISP compliant key length value (KLV) metadata. Capable of aggregating metadata from many sensors and sources, the Makito X HEVC fuels downstream networks, exploitation systems, and viewers, with frame accurate synchronization. The Makito X HEVC is designed for ISR applications where uplink network bandwidth is limited and costly. Improvements in compression efficiency increase image quality and positively impact mission intelligence.

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