Cross-Automate Warfighter Expertise & Tools

By Light’s AI systems are distinguished by their ability to learn and adapt to user behavior, offering rapid, customized support optimized for each mission. This is further enhanced by our co-symbolic approach, which combines warfighter expertise with AI rule sets. This blend ensures that our solutions not only offer advanced assistance but also maintain a level of trust and reliability that commanders can depend on, thanks to measurable oversight mechanisms.

  • Commanders can assure, understand, trace, attribute, and account for all bias across ALL AI assistance, the majority of AI cannot accomplish this.
  • Our co-symbolic approach uniquely amasses and automates expertise to speed warfighter assistance to fight and win in complex all domain environments.
  • Unlike the majority of generative AI, our solutions do not suffer from model collapse and easily integrate across all data, application, and operating system diversity.


Automation that hunts & defeats automated cyber threats.

Decision Support

AI that turns planning & decision-making from what took days into seconds.

Big Data

Smart Middleware that rapidly cross-integrates ALL diverse data, applications & Resources

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Knowledge Enhanced Edge Security

Fights cyber threats, especially peer competitor AI, across the enterprise through the tactical  endpoints, including communications.

By Light’s KEES is AI like no other:

  • Non-intrusive and Practical Zero Trust Security Overlay
  • Automated Cyber-Threat Remediation and Full Human-Threat Attribution
  • Stealth! Efficient, Secure, Post-Quantum “Don’t Start the Kill Chain” Security
  • Non-intrusive Supply Chain Cleaner, so “We Always Start Clean”
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Knowledge Enhanced Multi-Domain AI

Automates complex all-domain planning and targeting decision support – to move decisions from what normally takes days to seconds, applying the data “at the speed of the fight.”

  • Knowledge base is built over a decade of data collection, modeling, and AI training
  • Self-supervising AI is continuously taught not trained, applying petabytes of global information.
  • Operates neurosymbolically – thinking like a brain (non-symbolically) while thinking with a warfighter’s rule set (symbolically).
  • Learns both the operating environment and warfighting analysts’ operating behaviors.
Data science and big data technology. Data scientist computing, analysing and visualizing complex data set on computer. Data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, business analytics.

Knowledge Enhanced Data Middleware AI

Cross-integrates ALL data, applications, and operating systems into an AI automated system of systems in 1/30th the time.

  • Ensure minimal entry thresholds for integration across all resource, application, and data diversity,
  • Quality Assurance across AI diversity and security requirements,
  • Span multi-domain battlefield and engage warfighting analysts per their vernacular.
  • Test for and prevent AI model pollution and collapse.
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By Light’s OpSim product is a cutting-edge simulation tool designed to enhance military decision-making and strategic planning.

  • High-Speed Simulation: Executes complex Brigade-sized Army scenarios at speeds >1,000,000x faster than real-time.
  • Advanced Integration: Seamlessly interfaces with the SitaWare Mission Command System.
  • AI-Driven Innovation: Facilitates thousands of simulation runs to inform and evolve ML algorithms.
  • Proven Expertise: OpSim benefits from a legacy of successful programs like LVC-IA EC, C2SET, AFMSTT, and DARPA’s ASTARTE.

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