On-premises, cloud-based & hybrid cyber range platforms

These platforms not only host learning content, but also model the Internet for users to understand its structure, services, and protocols. By Light’s cyber ranges expand to include operational technology (OT), industrial control systems, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and any networkable hardware in the loop (HWIL).

Within this safe virtual training environment, threat actors launch campaigns that employ malware, ransomware, and other malicious code to emulate the Internet’s dangers. At the fore of cyberspace, By Light personnel support security research and development for universities and centers of excellence; they run multinational exercises across the globe and operate the largest cyber range in the world.

A tech professional working on multiple monitors displaying code and high-fidelity simulations for defensive and offensive operations.


RangeOS is a software orchestration engine for building and maintaining cyberspace range environments as code. It can provision environments on-demand based on scenario specifications. RangeOS is built for portability and reuse in various environments and uses “K8s as Kernel,” to maximize performance and cost. We use a declarative coding language to define the desired state of your infrastructure in code and K8s operators to maintain the configuration.

  • Environments can be configured (Cyber Range-as Code) to deliver software automation, testing, and maintenance.
  • Creates a machine-readable definition of the desired state of infrastructure.
  • Features standardized objects, content, and mappings for reuse across events.
  • Self-testing for internal validation/testing while orchestrating the environment.
A focused woman working at a computer in a high-tech control room with multiple screens displaying global data and high-fidelity simulations, demonstrating Cyberoperations Enhanced Network & Training Simulators (CENTS®).

Cyberoperations Enhanced Network & Training Simulators (CENTS®)

CENTS® is a customizable simulated virtual environment that can be deployed on-prem or remotely via hosted networks. It features fully routable Layer 2 IP-based, allowing Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL) connections. Our Linux kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) hypervisor has no additional virtualization costs or difficulties expanding.

CENTS® includes a high-fidelity representation of the Internet “grey space,” network traffic profiles, and has virtual users using applications for host traffic.

The simulated operational environment interacts with the virtualized and physical elements of the system, providing a true-life system response. Each cyber range environment is self-contained, requiring no Internet connectivity, and all virtualized Internet IP space uses real-world geo-IP addresses.

  • True-life system response through emulation
  • Scenario builder & automated playback
  • Multi-mode & re-roll capability
  • Open architecture

CyberCENTS Customer Portal

Existing clients can access our Customer Portal to connect to the community, report a bug, or suggest new features.

Support for the Cyber Warrior

Cyber Operations & Training Environments

We design, build, and run infrastructure, platforms, applications, and processes that enable cyber training for the integrated multi-domain force. CESI enables comprehensive training for the Cyber Mission Force as one of the core contractors building and running the Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE) in support of the US Army and US Cyber Command.

Training for Cyber Warriors

We have deep expertise in building cyber ranges utilizing the latest in virtualization and containerization technologies. We design, implement and operate physical data centers and utilize a software stack that is both on prem and cloud capable. We ensure that Cyber Mission Forces (CMFs) have a training capability that is always secure and always available, on a tech stack that is designed for the present and the future. We have expertise in the integration of physical hardware into the cyber ranges via secure “Hardware in the Loop” integrations, that function both on prem and remote. We bring the capability you need to ensure the cyber force is prepared for any engagement.

Multi-Domain Operations

We apply our expertise in developing Modeling and Simulation (M&S) systems for the kinetic training, experimentation, and analysis communities to emerging cyber simulations and range platforms. We offer real-time cyber range integration with kinetic simulations through our MSSV next generation simulation framework. Additionally, our OpSim product enables modeling of integrated cyber and kinetic multi-domain operations in a modern, high-performance constructive simulation that includes these core features:

  • Fully automated forces with human in-the-loop operation and interventions
  • Intuitive, browser-based user interface supports visualization and control of forces
  • Terrain reasoning for maneuver and sensing using objective terrain format databases
  • Plans imported from SitaWare or from other military scenario definition language planning tools
  • Utilizes pedigreed modeling with user editable spreadsheet performance and characteristics data
  • Run simulation up to 1000x wall clock time

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