Engineering, Supporting & Securing Global Information Systems 

By Light’s Global Solutions team provides optical engineering, infrastructure, and telecommunications services to the DoD, connecting our forces with their information systems and data across one of the largest global networks, the DoD Information Network (DODIN). 

They help the government achieve greater fiber penetration, exponential increases in bandwidth, and greater network redundancy and resilience. The Global Solutions team continues to design, build, and install carrier-class dark and lit fiber optical circuits. Today, By Light’s Global Solutions protects three million DoD users and their data through zero-trust capabilities such as cloud-based internet isolation and full content inspection. 

Global Solutions Services

Program Management

Strategic planning, risk management,
acquisition/sustainment planning, governance, method of procedure (MOP) generation on a global scale

Site Survey & Logistics

Site preparation, environmental conflict resolution, packaging, kitting & shipment to installation sites, RMA processing, documentation for accountability


Legacy equipment decommissioning and removal


Requirements definition, iBOM/mBOM procurement, site solutions, pre-deployment configuration & hardware staging, management CCI hardware

Implementation Test &

Labeling lines of equipment,
configuration & testing of CCI hardware,
installation of hardware, software, and materials, end-to-end cutover migration testing and turn-up

Configuration Management & Transition

QA/QC, compliance with site change control requirements, supporting Agency site requirements, including Civilian Agency change control board, and management processes

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