Unknown Doesn’t Have to Mean Uncertain

From frontline warfighters to online cyber specialists, we create modeling and simulation platforms to train on what may come next and dominate what does. At By Light, we enable warfighters to thrive on readiness, with high-fidelity, open-architecture, reconfigurable collective trainers, allowing crews or individual operators to prepare for any scenario.

Deployable on site, our Mission Reconfigurable™ trainers mean ready never waits, no matter where the mission is. With our custom cyber ranges, you can train on networks built specifically to emulate your own data and networks, so preparation is exact, not approximate. Because at By Light, we can’t predict what’s next, but we can make you ready for it.​

Cyber Training

By Light provides cyber training platforms and services to include work role development, certifications, training, and exercises.

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Our comprehensive cyber training uses proprietary technologies to deliver a “true to life” training experience.


Assess, Learn, and Train to build your individual career or the optimal cyber workforce for your organization.

Simulation & Training

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Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)

With our comprehensive ISR training environments, teams can complete mission-essential training tasks on the ground.

  • Incorporates ISR data into synthetic environments.
  • Integrates classified or unclassified ISR data
  • Replicates mission-relevant tactical operating environments
  • Uses a common set of high-resolution physics-based models to maximize realism for every scenario
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Large-Scale Systems Engineering & Integration

We deliver optimized capabilities for specified training requirements, keeping pace with evolving aircraft configurations.

  • Partnerships with OEMs and industry leaders
  • Consistently provides maximum mission readiness
  • Solutions conform to each specific implementation
  • Produced to meet stringent requirements for performance, cost, and time-to-delivery
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Serious Gaming & Virtual Worlds

We develop and implement serious games and virtual worlds that provide rich and engaging learning environments.

  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR)
  • Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment (EDGE)
  • Engaging, Interactive, Immersive
  • Fully Staffed Serious Game Design and Production
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Live, Virtual, Constructive Training

By Light integrates live, virtual, and constructive training systems into a cohesive training environment.

  • Command & Control Systems Integration
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Terrain, Training Scenario & Curriculum Development
  • LVC & Gaming Training Systems Architecture
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A lineup of advanced flight simulator training stations, featuring various cockpit setups and instruments for cyber professionals and pilot training in virtual environments.

Mission Reconfigurable ™ Military Training System

MR™ blends commercial technology with the science of human performance to develop training systems for warfighters.

  • RVCT (Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer)
  • Vocational Recruiter Systems
  • VCOT (Virtual Convoy Operations Trainer)
  • UGT (Unstabilized Gunnery Trainer) for Individual or Crew
  • Modular, open-systems architecture
An aircraft hovers above a carrier deck as a crew member observes in readiness.

Realistic Flight Simulation

High-fidelity, fully immersive flight mission rehearsal.

  • Part Task Trainers (PTT)
  • Flight Training Devices (FTD)
  • Containerized Flight Training Devices (CFTD)
  • Full Flight Simulators (FFS)
  • Mission Rehearsal Trainer (MRT )
  • Advanced Aircrew Training Device (AATD)

Ready Never Waits

Let By Light prepare your team for whatever comes next. Contact us for more information.