Realistic Training for Optimal Readiness

With the right training, unknown doesn’t have to mean uncertain. From frontline warfighters to online cyber specialists, we create modeling and simulation platforms to train on what may come next and dominate what does. At By Light, we enable warfighters to thrive on readiness, with high-fidelity, open-architecture, reconfigurable collective trainers, allowing crews or individual operators to prepare for any scenario.

Deployable on site, our Mission Reconfigurable<sup>™</sup> trainers mean ready never waits, no matter where the mission is. With our custom cyber ranges, you can train on networks built specifically to emulate your own data and networks, so preparation is exact, not approximate. Because at By Light, we can’t predict what’s next, but we can make you ready for it.

Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR)

Safer, more efficient, less costly training that translates to real-world proficiency and maximizes mission readiness.

Maximum Readiness

Maximum training realism results from incorporating intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) data into synthetic environments. Our ISR training environments are fully immersive, providing training scenarios that enable distributed, integrated ISR mission operations. 

Integrating classified or unclassified ISR data, we construct high-fidelity training environments that maximize mission readiness. Whether through a single device or multiple networked devices, using our HLA-compliant Tactical Environment Network (TEn), our ISR training solutions allow groups of users with different roles to visualize and react to the same set of stimuli, replicating mission relevant tactical operating environments. 

ISR sources include: 

  • Aircraft 
  • Weapons 
  • Sensors 
  • Autonomous systems and the Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT) 
  • Friendly forces and adversaries 
  • Other operational data 

With high-fidelity ISR environments, operators train across a variety of platforms, completing many mission-essential training tasks on the ground safely, effectively and efficiently — translating to real-world proficiency and maximum mission readiness. 

Our ISR solutions incorporate a common set of high-resolution physics-based models to maximize realism for every scenario. Sources and models are linked to mission objectives and exercises via our exclusive Common Generated Framework (CGF) Engine, empowering mission planners to easily and accurately simulate complex threats. 


Aviation Distributed Virtual Training Environment (ADTVE)

ADVTE provides comprehensive, integrated and networked training. Currently in use supporting Marine Corps Aviation, ADVTE, as a persistent and integrated system-of-systems solution, has the capability to network various Type/Model/Series (T/M/S) Marine Corps Aviation Training System (MC ATS) training devices located across Second (2D) and Third (3D) Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) locations for the purposes of conducting multi-site, multi T/M/S simulated networked ISR training missions to maintain proficiency and enhance aircrew readiness. 

An extension to the Tactical Environment network (TEn), the Aviation Distributed Virtual Training Environment (ADVTE) is a persistent, closed-loop, network-customized training solution. The system connects multiple training sites over a Government Wide Area Network utilizing encrypted network communication protocols. 

ADVTE enables geographically dispersed training systems to participate in a Virtual Training Event (VTE). When used with an operationally tailored tactical environment, the ADVTE enables networked, multi-site training to occur across numerous ground-based training systems, enhancing operator proficiency while improving safety and reducing costs. 

Together, the TEn and ADVTE enable an operational user to link all of its CONUS-based aviation training devices together in a comprehensive virtual training environment. 


Tactical Environment Network (TEn)/Special Operations Forces Tactical (SOFTAC) 


The USMC Tactical Environment is the Veraxx-designed off-the-shelf solution for synthetic combat ISR environment needs. TEn provides tactical environment capability stimulus for all weapons, sensors and countermeasures with focus on the man in the loop. Entity performance and behavior are data driven, resulting in a flexible and manageable system that can be tailored by any user based on desired ISR tactical training requirements. The TEn provides the threat system and HLA gateway that are the standards for USMC aviation training. The TEn is uniquely tailored to support both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. The TEn is the key component in training with air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons in a comprehensive ISR tactical training and threat environment. 

SOFTAC is a version of TEn tailored specifically for special operation requirements, used for Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment training. 

The TEn enables realistic ISR and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) training. It is the key training component used to create immersive, authentic ISR training with air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons in a comprehensive ECM and threat environment. 

Entity performance and behavior are data driven, resulting in a flexible and easily managed system that can be tailored by any user. The TEn is a rule-based system derived from the user’s operational doctrine; the rules can be easily enhanced to incorporate desired tactics and ISR characteristics.

Systems Engineering & Integration (SE&I)

Our mastery across SE&I disciplines ensures that systems are produced to meet the most stringent requirements.

Comprehensive Engineered Solutions

A simulation platform or training environment starts with a need, evolving through a design to a solution that maximizes pilot and aircrew mission readiness. This evolution requires expert, large scale Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I). 

SE&I encompasses multiple engineering specialties, including: 

  • Hardware and software development 
  • Avionics 
  • Visual, motion and control systems 
  • Mechanical and electrical design 
  • Physics-based models and realistic environmental effects 
  • Facilities, power and infrastructure 
  • Manufacturing, test and evaluation and quality assurance 
  • Cybersecurity 

Our solutions deliver optimized capabilities for each specific implementation — meaning we do not deliver a proprietary solution to lock you in and limit your training platform’s future performance. We design-in the ability to easily refresh and expand our solutions and associated tactical networking capability based on advances in technology and new aircraft configurations. Our partnerships with original equipment manufacturers and other industry leaders enable us to scale quickly and cost-effectively .


VSIM is our simulation and training solution core architecture, an ecosystem of key reusable, reconfigurable components. 

VSIM reduces execution risk, provides consistent high training system fidelity, reduces development cost and delivery schedule. As the core of our simulation and training solutions, VSIM is integrated with unique aircraft or weapons system attributes, such as aerodynamic models, avionics systems and individual subsystems, resulting in high-fidelity simulation and training solutions and devices. 

VSIM Architecture 

VSIM architecture allows maximum reuse and tailoring of key simulator architecture system and subsystem components including: 

  • Input/output (I/O) design 
  • Instructor operator station (IOS) 
  • Weapons models 
  • ISR tactical environments 
  • Computational system 
  • Visual display and image generation system integration 
  • Motion/seat platform integration, and debrief stations 

VSIM has been successfully employed on our military aviation high-fidelity simulators and training systems, demonstrating its proven ability to be used, tailored and integrated with specific type/model/series aircraft aerodynamic models, avionics and aircraft systems.


Veraxx Instructor/Operator Station 

VIOS is a suite of reconfigurable software components that accelerates the design and deployment of simulator-specific instructor/operator stations. Designed with open software and interfaces, VIOS is deployed on inexpensive, non-proprietary hardware. The VIOS has a Client-Server architecture which provides extensive configuration flexibility. To minimize interface costs, the Client and Server communicate via standard Ethernet. VIOS comprises the following components: IOS Graphical User Interface (GUI), host-based IOS server, GUI page editor, and navigation data editor. 


Modular Aviation Common Computing Environment 

MACCE is a suite of modular S/W components operating in a common computing environment that accelerate the design and deployment of Real-Time cyclic programs — the core of complex simulators and training systems. MACCE was designed to foster maximum reuse of a simulation environment on multiple training systems with different vehicle systems. MACCE is a government off the shelf (GOTS) product that is maintained and improved by Veraxx, currently for use within the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps. 

MACCE’s flexibility allows multiple use cases. Designed with open software and interfaces, MACCE can be deployed on inexpensive, non-proprietary hardware. MACCE works with Veraxx Plot Monitor Control (VPMC) to manipulate and measure symbol data. 

MACCE was designed to accelerate the design and deployment of real-time software programs. Its common computing environment is the core of complex simulators and training systems, while its flexibility allows it to be used to support multiple applications, including: 

  • Simulator/Trainer Executive and Memory Manager 
  • Real-time System or Subsystem Executive 
  • Cyclic System Executive 
  • Software Test Driver including Automatic Fidelity Test (AFT)/Automatic Test Guide (ATG) 


Veraxx Plot Monitor Control 

VPMC interfaces with MACCE, providing MACCE symbol manipulation capability and measuring tools. The VPMC client receives symbol data and allows the user to change the symbol data remotely, then display the symbol data on a graphical chart. 

VPMC provides a UDP interface between the MACCE-driven host and the VPMC client application. Interface configuration is set in a VPMC configuration file, that provides communication socket settings, and standard application customization. During startup, the VPMC server reads all available global symbols from the MACCE database management file and provides the VPMC client with a list. The symbols are shown in an update list or strip chart. The symbol update list displays the 60hz value of a symbol, and the user can change the value of that symbol. The plot frame gives the user the ability to graph four symbols on a strip chart. The plot lines and the strip chart are configurable as well.


Video Distribution and Streaming System  

VDASS consists of one or more video servers which capture video (e.g., ISR video) from several sources and make the video streams available throughout an ethernet network to any number of viewing clients. Each viewer is capable of displaying up to 16 video streams. 

Serious Gaming & Virtual Worlds

Our game development expertise and high-tech training solutions create serious training experiences.

Design and Development

We are always innovating and upping our game. At By Light, we develop and implement serious games and virtual worlds that provide rich and engaging learning environments. Working closely with our customers, we bring visions and training requirements to life in a fully developed training concept for prototype or full application. 

We will guide you through the process of determining the best virtual training type (Real-time strategy [RTS], sandbox, first- or third-person shooter [FPS, TPS], etc.) and training modality (monitor and keyboard, virtual reality [VR], augmented reality [AR], etc.) to suit your needs. After the hard part is over, you get to sit back while we construct your customized virtual world(s) that will soon provide the necessary training for your workforce. 

Technology with Purpose

Technology is at the heart of everything we do, but we never lose sight of your training objectives. We are experts in the disciplined and nuanced application of technology in our solutions: We never apply technology for technology’s sake. 

Our serious game solutions place your training audience in an engaging, interactive, immersive virtual environment perfectly suited to reinforce, and maximize retention of key training concepts. 


Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment (EDGE) 

Through an Army contract, we created a government-owned software platform known as EDGE. Used by both the US Army and the Department of Homeland Security, EDGE helps these organizations create highly accurate virtual environments for immersive training and other applications using a commercial game engine. 

The EDGE platform allows for single or multi-player applications and can be used for courseware products, research, development prototyping, experimentation, risk reduction analysis as well as training and testing in an interactive immersive game-based environment. 

EDGE Capabilities 

  • Multiple “game” types including First Person Shooter and Real-time Strategy 
  • Administrative / Instructor Tools 
  • Inventory System 
  • Vehicle Support 
  • Customizable Player Classes 
  • Multiplayer Network 
  • Context-Sensitive User Interface 
  • Voice over IP (VOIP) Communication 
  • Artificial Intelligence Driven Non-player Characters (NPCs) with Reactive Behaviors 
  • Ability for Live Role Players to Issue Commands to NPCs 
  • DirectX 12 Support 
  • Fully functional fire and smoke propagation system 
  • Weapon Models, both lethal and non-lethal 
  • Character Damage Models with support for bleed-out 
  • Ability to perform limited first aid on Role Players and NPCs 
  • Configurable Scenario-wide Options to Modify Gameplay 
  • Ability for non-collocated trainees to participate in same exercise via the cloud 
  • Composable Character System 
  • Auto-generating tile system for movement/actions in RTS scenarios 
  • Turn-based action subsystem for units in RTS scenarios 

Complete Design & Production

We have a fully staffed serious game studio experienced in training requirements analysis, storyboarding, 2D and 3D art production, animation, audio production, UI and gameplay systems development, level design, integration, testing, and documentation. Whether your training objectives are best achieved inside the classroom or out, By Light has the skills and tools necessary to take your training application from concept and development to a polished, fully deployed product. We employee a range of qualified staff in these areas: 

  • 2 Dimension 
  • 3 Dimension 
  • Technical Artists 
  • Animators 
  • Game Designers 
  • Level Designers 
  • Audio & Video Production 
  • Software Developers 
  • Management & Production 

Live, Virtual, Constructive Training

We design and deliver complete, immersive programs to enable LVC training for the integrated multi-domain force.

Integrated Training

How data is accessed and used within a system or other systems requires agile system response. With that in mind, we build our simulation-based systems with standard simulation protocols; such as, Distributed Interactive Simulation, High-Level Architecture, Joint Simulation BUS, and Common Training Instrumentation Architecture that allows customers to easily access and update information. 

We also develop Service-Oriented Architecture implementations to support interoperability among simulations. We integrate live, virtual, and constructive training systems into a cohesive training environment that includes; exercise planning, after action review, scenario development, and combined exercise debriefs. The goal of an LVCG Integrated Training Environment (ITE) is to approximate the operating environment. This provides realistic training and mission rehearsal capabilities for units, leaders, and staff. 

LVC Features

By Light delivers full LVC capabilities, to include: 

  • Command & Control Systems Integration 
  • Fielding & New Equipment Training 
  • Concurrency & Technology Refresh 
  • 24/7 Help Desk 
  • Terrain, Training Scenario & Curriculum Development 
  • IT Security Certification Training 
  • Cyber Training Exercises, Competitions, Validation & Tool Development 
  • LVC & Gaming Training Systems Architecture, Development, Integration & Sustainment 
  • Training Systems Software Upgrades & Rearchitecting 
  • Adaptive Learning 
  • Gunnery Training 
  • Convoy/Maneuver Training 

Ready Never Waits

Let By Light prepare your team for whatever comes next. Contact us for more information.